Insurance and Fees

Insurances Accepted

FirstSteps Autism Evaluations, LLC accepts the following Medicaid/Centennial Care plans:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Medicaid/Centennial Care)

  • New Mexico Medicaid

  • Presbyterian (Medicaid/Centennial Care)

  • Western Sky Community Centennial Care

If your child is covered by one of the above Medicaid/Centennial Care plans, there will be no cost to you for evaluation services.

FirstSteps Autism Evaluations, LLC is out of network for all commercial insurance plans. If your child is only covered by an insurance plan not listed above, you will be considered "self-pay" and will be responsible for the full cost of evaluation services.

Evaluation Fees for Self-Pay

The self-pay (i.e., if your child is not covered by a Medicaid/Centennial Care plan) rate for an evaluation ranges from $2000 to $2500. If you are self-pay and wish to proceed with evaluation through FirstSteps, we can review your information and provide you with an estimate of what you will owe.